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Improve the listening function

How ?

A sound prepared in a laboratory in accordance with precise rules goes through a specific apparatus which modifies the hearing and enables our ears to open by interplaying with filters and bascules. The message is then reproduced through headphones which give it back both in the air and into the bones.

The audio-psycho-phonological assessment :

It is meant to assess the hearing potential, the dysfunction, etc, so as to establish a customised programme.
It has to be done before taking any step. It includes:
- a series of tests
- an interview with Pierre Romain

The sessions :

The length, rhythm and planning of the sessions are different for each person and will be determined during the first interview.
The rhythm, which is very often intensive at the beginning of the session, corresponds to the training time necessary to achieve durable modification of the way we hear.

How does a session take place ?

- Sessions with electronic ear : 2 to 4 sessions, each of them lasting for half an hour. The rhythm of the sessions is determined by Pierre Romain.
- Tests, mini-tests and following-up interviews at regular intervals.
- This step can be completed by interviews or by sessions of speech therapy.

What is listened to :

- Mozart's music, for it is full of harmonics, of joy and of liberating structure.
- Gregorian songs, the slow rhythm of which brings us some relief which is often forgotten.
- Other kinds of music which enable us to explore our inner spaces.

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