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Voice and speech difficulties

"Our voice can only reproduce what our ears are able to perceive and control."

This law is the very basis of Alfred Tomatis' s research which led to the concept of audio-psycho- phonology.

This approach especially relates to the processes of language acquisition through the relationships that exist between audition and phonation. The latter is indeed dependent on the auditory system, which is itself related to the mind's reactions. Actually it should be pointed out that any alteration of the auditory diagram inevitably leads to an alteration of the vocal gesture.

Consequently, by modifying a patient's hearing abilities by means of a device called "electronic ear", it was shown that a person's language could be altered and that his or her psyche could thereby be altered as well. The cybernetic mechanisms that govern the audio-vocal system were rigorously exposed.

Any sound emission is a sound that is controlled. This control is brought about thanks to the sensor constituted by one of the ears: the right ear. The loop that is thereby created is the very source of all operations taking place during the laryngeal function.

Intervening in the hearing process, that is to say modifying the cybernetic system sensor, engages a mechanism of control which allows one to readjust the quality of voice, the phonic slur, its speed and rhythm, and intonation. Its also allows the semantics motivating the verbal flow to be controlled.

Whether it is speaking voice or singing voice, re-implementing the audio-phonatory systems leads to improving the phonic dysfunction and the deficiencies that some voice professionals may have in their professional life.

The action of the electronic ear together with the setting up of a sonic programming meant to bring in the various phases of the language development process beginning in intra-uterine life enable some expression disorders such as stuttering and articulatory difficulties to be cured. Written expression disorders can thereby be cured as well.


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