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Accompanying pregnant women

The electronic ear stimulation provides the pregnant woman with a state of relaxation and well-being which favours the contact with the baby.

It has already be shown that the quality of the relationship that develops between a mother and her child during the pregnancy will have a great influence on the child's psychic life and on his/her development.

Both the mother and the child will benefit from it.

The mum will have more confidence in the way she pictures the birth and she will also be really more serene until the day she gives birth to the child.
The child will gain life and love, which will feed his/her desire to explore, to discover, to grow up, to awaken to the world in confidence and peace.

In practice :

The mums come and see us anytime during the pregnancy. We suggest that they have an interview and a listening test. Then, together with her, we consider the best way to organise this accompaniment according to various parameters.

About fifteen two-hour sessions are often sufficient. They punctuate the pregnancy on a regular basis until its end.

During the sessions, the mums listen to filtered music while lying on a reclining chair or sitting at a table.
They relax and indulge in drawing or in another creative or play activity.
They make time to be in contact with the baby, telling it stories by means of the electronic ear.

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