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Music calls for a sharp ear that is able to aim at sounds with precision and rapidity, on the part of the person who plays it. A memory which is able to embrace a whole musical phrase and to integrate its various elements.

An audio-psycho-phonological assessment allows to objectivize the musician's hearing difficulties thanks to the "hearing test" notably, to understand their repercussions on his/her instrumental playing, and to propose an appropriate solution.

Children' s learning difficulties appear on various levels : manual and auditory clumsiness, dyslexia, hyperlaxity, difficulty to maintain a proper body tone during the various moments of the learning process.

As regards professionals, difficulties may be experienced differently : lack of motivation as far as work is concerned, inability to improve oneself, loss of inner ideal, hearing tiredness which confines one to a single sound with an expressionless vibrato, but also automatic accuracy getting increasingly approximate and distorting itself in a specific way (becoming too high or too low) as well as loss of virtuosity (synchronism and velocity).

Sensorial education by means of the electronic ear will enable a musician to become aware of each ear's specific abilities and to conduct tempo and musical phrases through the right controlling loop.

It gives a better postural integration of the instrument thanks to the action of the bone conduction and the renewal of tone caused by a new perception of high harmonics.

In all cases, it can be observed that the musician finds motivation again. He/she rediscovers his/her tone, manages his/her rhythm better, becomes more accurate, and improves his/her phrasing.
The technique is unblocked thanks to a better psychomotor awareness, which helps the musician win some self-confidence again.

These opening courses help one find their true potential for technique and expression.

Working actively under the electronic ear's control will allow one to explore their instrumental playing more freely and more easily.

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